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“Trent Rivers Trust is a registered charity that seeks to conserve, protect and enhance the rivers and streams of the Trent catchment”

The River Trent is the third longest river in England. Geographically it divides the lowlands of the south from the uplands of the north as well as dominating the landscape of the river valley which it flows through on its journey to the sea.

The Trent has many significant tributaries including the Tame, Dove, Derbyshire Derwent and hundreds of miles of smaller rivers that all feed into it. Its source is high up in the Staffordshire Moorlands near Stoke on Trent. It flows through Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire before reaching the Humber Estuary where it flows into the North Sea.

Over 6 million people live in the Trent catchment which occupies 8% of England. The cities of Birmingham, Nottingham, Leicester and Derby all drain towards the Trent.

The Trent Rivers Trust is concerned with the well-being of all these rivers and streams, recognising that the river and the water itself is important to a great many people as well as providing a haven for wildlife.

The Trust works with volunteers and partners to restore and create improved river and riparian habitat.  It does this by taking action to restore the natural course of the river corridor, by influencing the land management in the catchment, by removing barriers to fish passage or constructing fish passes and by the successful control of invasive species.

The Trent Rivers Trust employs a small team of staff and also has a dedicated board of Trustees who manage the strategic direction of the Trust. The Trust also works with a number of volunteers across the catchment to help it to achieve its aims of improving the environment of the Trent catchment.

Our full website is currently under development – please visit us again in spring 2013 when you will be able to read more about our work.

The Trent Rivers Trust

Trent Rivers Trust   4, St James Terrace, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 6HS

Call: 07881 229714

For More Information Please Use Our Contact Form

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